Wiggleboard,For fun that's never done
The skateboard with a new twist
Recommended By Children's 
Sports Specialists
Wiggleboard not only helps to develop 
children's sense of balance and coordination, 
but also helps them to feel power and speed. 
It is aeffective tool for developing basic motor 
skills and is also great for developing 
children's interest and confidence in sport.
LIN XIN teacher
Graduated from Shanghai University of Sport 
with a Bachelor's Degree in Education.
Doctor Degree (Postgraduate) from Waseda 
University, Japan.
China Representative of the Training Committee of The International Society of Physical Education
of Young Children. 
Head of Shanghai Chapter of The International 
Society of Physical Education of Young Children.
IDbabi is an innovative designer brand created by industrial designer and inventor, Yuho Chen.
A dedicated father who enjoys playing with his children, Yuho wanted to share his love of outdoor exercise and skateboards with his seven-year-old daughter. He bought her all kinds of skateboards, but the result was always the same. Every time she tried to learn to ride them, she fell off and got hurt. After trying and repeatedly failing, she gave up.
Recognizing his daughter's frustration, Yuho set out to invent a new type of skateboard — specifically designed for younger kids — that was not only fun and easier to ride, but great exercise, too! He worked for months with his design team to create a unique type of skateboard that could turn a simple twisting body movement into propulsion.
After five failed experiments and numerous prototypes, the ideal design solution was found. Additional technical improvements were incorporated to reach today's final version of the Wiggleboard.
In order to verify the fun and safety of the product, Yuho made 60 wiggleboards, which were sent to the children in primary school for trial, and were loved by children all over the world. Children learn to play for the first time, naturally, without injury or fear. The children who have played wiggleboard are all eager to ask for it. This kind of fitness skateboard specially designed for 6-13-year-old children has filled the market gap, and the safety performance of the product has also been recognized by parents. So we decided to mass produce wiggleboard so that every child could have a fun and safe childhood skateboard.