3in1 SurfScooter Product Profile - Land surfing trainer designed for beginners

2023-10-13 15:00

Three in one SurfScooter is a secondary innovation based on Surfskate, which can quickly transform into scooter, parent-child cart, and Surfskate to meet the needs of user of different age groups.

The Ushaped directional rod can be installed at the front, rear, or bottom of the board, forming three different application forms.


It combines the functions of a Scooter, a Handcart, and a Surfskate, making it a multi-functional land surfing trainer designed for beginners.

The 3in1 SurfScooter included Pushcart, Kick scooter and SurfSkate to making it to be amulti-functional parent- child' s SurfScooter.


Surfskate is a type of skateboard, also known as a surfing trainer, that simulates ocean surfing.   

Unlike traditional skateboards, which use their feet to push the ground, it relies on left and   right tilting and twisting to drive forward.


The specially designed thruster combined with the front axle can make the skateboard bend and tilt to the limit, and the flexible controllability   brings a sense of weightlessness that can simulate surfing.

Paired with PU soft wheels, it has high grip performance and is lessprone to injury compared to traditional skateboards, making it   easier to quickly get started.

Product Description

Brand: IDBABI        Applicable people: beginner players             

Model Number: SS-01        Size: 82cm*24cm*13.5cm

Product Name: SurfScooter        Wheels: Magnetic induction PU Flash Light

Capacity Weight: 100KG        Truck: CX4 Aluminum Alloy PU Spring

Handle: Stainless Steel        Panel: 7 layer high-qulity maple wood


Product Style
Product StyleColor:Blue with Orange
Surfing StyleColor:Black with Orange
Sea Wave StyleColor: Pink



7 layer high-qulity maple woodHigh toughness andweight load


SStainless SteelAnti-slip forsafety


CX4 Aluminum Alloy PU SpringHigh speed, silence, long life


Magnetic induction PU Flash Light Wearresistance and Smooth

Front color sandHigh friction, Anti-slip forsafety

Heat Transfer Printing PatternWaterproof and keepOn