Wiggleboard. The skateboard with a new twist!
The Wiggleboard is specially designed to be a safer, easier-to-ride, skateboarding option for children ages 4-13. It is not only a fun-to-ride skateboard that aids in strengthening the lumbar muscles, developing the balance and confidence. Unlike the traditional skateboard, wiggleboard could turn a waist twisting force into propulsion, and the players' feet do not need to touch the ground when riding. The alternating pressure on the three-inclined wheels and board, caused by wiggling your hips back and forth, creates kinetic energy which propels the board forward.? The faster you wiggle, the quicker you go!
The skateboard with a new twist, wiggleboard promotes kids enjoy playing outdoors, while secretly strengthening their lumbar muscles and spine, important for their growth and development. It can also help younger children develop the balance, strength, coordination, and confidence needed to ride other skateboards.
Wiggleboard has obtained a number of patent certificates,
and won the 2020 German RedDot Award and China Design Red Star Award.

Quality test report and qualification certification IDbabi wiggleboard has entrusted Intertek, a third-party testing organization,
to test and passed the quality and safety certification in Europe and America: CPSIA, ASTM, reach, ROHS, en13613, EN71