Founded in 2017, GoodMen Household Products Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an industrial-trade integrated enterprise focusing on industrial design. Main business scope: R&D, sales and branding of children products (including sports equipment, safety and protection, sensory integration improvement tools); family culture communication and training.


Our company holds the brand IDbabi and wiggleboard , We have more than 30 designers, engineers, marketing talents and management talents, with an R&D department in Shantou, a sales department in Shenzhen. Our OEM factories are located in Guangdong Province. In order to provide comprehensive brand support and sales services, we have set up branch office in the US, HongKong and Myanmar. Our company has obtained a number of product design patents and has won international industrial design awards such as the Red Dot Award and the Red Star Award , and is the original design brand of Wiggleboard.


Mission: Turn ideas into excellent products and services


IDbabi is dedicated to Developing sensory integration improvement tools to help children adapt better to the environment!


IDbabi is aimed at the new generation of parent-child families. The products include:  tactile, vestibular (balance), and kinesthetic improvement tools or assistive tools related to touch, climb, sit, stand, walk, run, jump, slide, ride and swim during the growth of children aged 0-12 years. Include: baby tearing and gripping toys, crawling mats, protective rails, bumper covers, toddler tools, footstools, sports protectors, helmets, batting, bouncing equipment, Balance/coordination/reaction speed exercise equipment, scooters, skateboards, swimming rings, swimming floats, etc.


Wiggleboard is an innovative skateboard for children's sensory integration improvement that combines balance exercise, outdoor sports, fun and easy learning. We have invited an early childhood sports expert, Mr. Lin Xin, to develop a Wiggleboard sports training course. We hope it can bring joy and health to children all over the world.


IDbabi = idea+babi = Creative Designer Dad.  IDbabi is a brand founded by two childlike industrial designers, they enjoy parenting, inventing all kinds of child-rearing tools and advocating a fun and interactive way to help children grow up healthily through play!

It is in the nature of children to play and it is the most direct way to explore the world and gain experience. It is the responsibility of every father to guide his child to play properly. In modern urban families, children have less space to move around and lack of community life and outdoor activities, resulting in an increasing number of children with sensory integration disorders. Therefore, IDbabi has developed various sensory integration improvement tools to help children grow up healthily through playing and to bring joy to dads' parenting.

Helping children grow up happy and bringing joy to dad's parenting!
Head office:
Add.: 102A, Shangtang commercial building, Shangfen community, Minzhi street, Longhua District, Shenzhen,China
Branch office: IDBABI LLC Add.: 201 East 5th St. STE 1200 , Sheridan, Wyoming, USA 82801