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Product Spec.
Material: ABS Weight Capacity: 75kgs Net weight: 165g per piece Recommended age: 3 years old + Color: Yellow, Red, Black Size: 30*8*6 cm
2-piece set includes 2 beams with 2 existing colors 5-piece set includes 5 beams with 3 existing colors Customized silkscreen logo available with additional cost

Introduction                                                ————

The Balance Beam (triangular balance training bar) is a sensory training equipment that helps your child to develop balance and coordination skills. The shape and design of the Balance Beam allow children to step on it to maintain balance, which is more challenging than ordinary balance beams. The height is only 6cm, even if the child loses balance, it is not easy to cause injury. Multiple game options can be played, it can be used singly or in multiple setups for training, multi-player interactive games, allowing children to exercise balance and enhance courage and confidence in the process of playing.

These beams can be stacked one by one easily when not in use.

Made of ABS engineering resin, it can withstand 75kg, both children and adults can enjoy playing together

Product Details
· Train balance skills, develop coordination
· A textured surface on the top stimulates the nerves of the soles of the feet · Multiple game options to play, a variety of setups, multiplayer interactive games · Compact, stackable, space-saving design · Safe for stepping, standing, stretching and walking · Beautiful and sturdy, holds up to 75kg, perfect for ages 3 and up · Ideal for home, gym, yoga class or preschool · Suitable for a variety of surfaces: indoor or outdoor flat ground, carpets, non-slip foam mat or greensward

Multiple Game And Setup Options
- Single beam setup - Two beams setup - Five beams setup (2 arrangements, parent-child) - Ten beams setup (kindergarten multiplayer interaction scene)
Provide fun games for training balance, standing, stretching and walking Stepping or obstacle courses
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