Wiggleboard made its debut at the ISPO, attracted the attention of agents all over the world

2020-02-08 14:19

On Jan 23-26, 2020, ISPO international sporting goods exhibition was held in Munich, Germany. The founder of IDbabi led a team to present the latest patented product, wiggleboard T1 at the exhibition. During the 4-day exhibition, IDbabi attracted hundreds of merchants to enter the store for consultation and try to ride wiggleboard. At last, there are more than 50 customers who are interested in selling and exchanging business cards, covering more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, USA, Australia and Southeast Asia.


In order to participate in ISPO, we started to make preparations three months in advance. In the United States and China, we have made product introduction videos, selected 6 children from more than 20 children as models to cooperate with us to take publicity photos, and we have also carefully designed posters and albums. In order to better show how to play wiggleboard, we transported the TV and 10 samples to the exhibition by air...


ISPO set up 18 pavilions this time. The booth number of IDbabi is C4-132, which is located in the international brand area of C4 hall. Unlike most of the OEM factories participating in C4 hall, IDbabi is a brand manufacturer, bringing patented products and brands to find agents or Distributors. On the first day, we attracted clients from the UK, Denmark, South Korea and Italy.

The TV broadcast the introduction video, plus our own songs, wiggle, wiggle, low.have fun. The wiggleboard is for everyone... Circularly broadcast, it is easy to cause the passing merchants to stop and watch.

At the same time, the salesmen showed the basic riding method of wiggleboard on the spot. Many merchants have tried riding on the board on the spot, and soon mastered the skills, without falling.

IMG_9265.gif    IMG_9270.gif

On the second and third day of the exhibition, the visitors are the largest, and our standard booth has been crowded by customers. There are even cases of customers from the same country competing for agency rights. There are more inquirers from Holland, the United States and Germany.


This product debut is wiggleboard's first contact and exchange with agents from different countries. Everyone agrees that wiggleboard is a goodidea, never seen before, easy to play and fun. Because it is an original product in the world, there is no competition of the same kind. Most of the customers with sales channels intend to cooperate to sell wiggleboard.


Actively consulting and negotiating cooperation and purchasing products

Just one thing, maybe you still regard China as a "world factory" and ignore China's innovation ability. Most potential customers still want wiggleboard to post their own brand sales instead of idbabi's. On this issue, we welcome to discuss patent licensing. At the same time, we will adhere to the road of our own brand. Yuho, the founder of designer origin, believes that "Design in China" will become the label of China together with "Made in China" in the future.

After visiting 18 pavilions, we found that there are not many new products with truly innovative patents, most of which are still competing in the same quality and price war. Many merchants are looking for innovative products at the exhibition, so there are no exhibitors of innovative products, and the business is generally relatively cold this time. Wiggleboard is only the first innovative product of IDbabi. We will adhere to the principle of no innovation and no development, let the world see the potential created by China, and let IDbabi go global.

Next exhibition we plan to show in the exhibition hall of international brand merchants, welcome customers from all over the world to discuss sales cooperation with us!