IDbabi-Wiggleboard - Certificate of the German Red Dot Design Award

2020-06-24 11:40



The Wiggleboard is specially designed to be a safer, easier-to-ride skateboarding option for children aged 6–13, but is also entertaining and challenging for teenagers and adults. The skateboard has only three wheels and thus contributes to strengthening the spine and core musculature and supports users to develop their sense of balance, strength and coordination. It can be moved only by wiggling one’s hips without any contact with the ground; skateboarding with it can be learnt in 30 minutes.

Above is a screenshot from the German Red Dot Award website

Link to the Red Dot Award website:

Red Dot Design Award Certificate


A skateboard designed for younger children must be easier to learn, safer, more stable and more fun! It took us half a year of developing and experimenting, producing seven generations of models before we found the solution, and improved on it, eventually evolving it into Wiggleboard. The Wiggleboard, a fitness board designed for children aged 6-13, fills a gap in the market and is recognized by parents for its safety features.So we decided to mass produce the Wiggleboard so that every child has the opportunity to have a fun and safe childhood skateboard. And we hope everyone has more time to spend with their children and participate in their growth!

Thank you to the German Red Dot Award judges for recognizing our work! Award Wiggleboard with this red dot symbol of outstanding quality and creativity. Winning the Red Dot Product Design Award gave our team a lot of inspiration and confidence! We hope to spread happiness to kids and parents around the world through Wiggleboard!