30 minutes to master, high-value balance skateboard makes children easy to show off their skills

2021-08-24 16:23

In the Tokyo Olympic Games, skateboarding competition became an Olympic event for the first time. There was another upsurge of learning skateboarding in China. Children can often be seen learning to play skateboarding in the streets.


However, the traditional double rocker is not easy to use. Beginners often fall. Only a few children with good balance and talent can play tricks.

We recently found a three wheel balance board with high appearance and easy to use- Wiggleboard, which is an enlightenment skateboard specially designed to exercise children's balance.

01   Easy to learn and master, children's first enlightenment skateboard

Traditional skateboards need to start by landing on one foot, which is fast and difficult for beginners or young children. If beginners with a general sense of balance learn ordinary skateboards directly, it is difficult to grasp the balance, the exercise effect is poor, and it is easy to give up.


The wiggleboard does not need to pedal on the ground. After standing firmly on the board, twist your body to drive and slide.


Traditional skateboards need to stand on the board with both feet in front and back, and have high requirements for balance force. The   wiggleboard has a wide board body and can stand on the board with both feet parallel, which is more safe for beginners or younger children.


Different from the traditional skateboard design, the wheel distribution of the   wiggleboard is designed into a triangle. From the perspective of stability, the triangle is stable, has the characteristics of pressure resistance and not easy to roll over, and is more safe and reliable in use and resistant to pressure!


It is difficult for beginners to master the balance of skateboarding, and falling has become a common occurrence. Children often give up in the learning process due to the difficulty in mastering the use skills in the early stage of learning.


The characteristics of easy to use wiggleboard make children fall in love with skateboarding, slide outdoors, have a super high return rate and burst with confidence!!

Children's balance enlightenment teaching aid - Wiggleboard. Stand on the board with both legs and twist the body to drive the wiggleboard to slide. Generally, you can master the use skills and play happily in 30 minutes.


Children's balance exercise is very important for children's physical and mental health. The four basic movement skills of children's enlightenment are divided into: movement (mainly lower limbs), balance (maintaining body balance and stability), operation (mainly upper limbs) and non movement (in situ movement). Balance movement skills are the basis of the other three kinds of movement skills, Children with good balance can learn any movement quickly.


02   Ingenious design, high appearance and strength coexist

IDbabi-Wiggleboard won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award and the 2020 China Red Star Award for its novel design.


Wiggleboard not only has the fun of ordinary skateboards and a variety of playing methods, but also can exercise lumbar muscles and spine and enhance self-confidence. It is a children's fitness skateboard integrating entertainment and exercise!

The product appearance modeling and utility model playing method have obtained national patents.


Good materials make parents feel more at ease. IDbabi wiggleboard adopts high-quality ABS engineering plastics and aluminum alloy wheel frame. Each board has 12 professional bearings and 3 80mm Pu wheels. It has passed the quality and safety certification of the United States and the European Union to bring the best quality to children.


As we all know, the physical property of a triangle is stability. The pulley distribution of wiggleboard is a triangular structure with high stability. It can bear about 100kg. Adults can also rest assured to use it.


No need to fold, pick up and go. It's easy to carry. It's a necessary good thing for traveling.


There are many colors to choose from. Both boys and girls can find the wiggleboard with their favorite colors.


03   What is sensory integration

Sensory integration refers to the ability of the human body to input sensory information such as listening, touching and smelling obtained through the outside world into the brain, and the brain to process and respond to the input information. Sensory integration disorder will affect the coordination of brain, sensory organs and body, and lead to problems in learning, life and so on.


Emotional training is a very important link in the process of children's growth. At this time, it is particularly important for parents to choose a good emotional teaching aid. It can be said that "good foundation, less trouble for growth".

04   Wiggleboard is a sports skateboard to improve children's felling system discorders.

Wiggleboard is a teaching aid suitable for children's sensory integaration therapty.It is used to exercise children's balance and cultivate their sense of space and balance. It is a skateboard that can exercise children's sense of sports balance in an all-round way. In the process of exercise, you can also appropriately increase the difficulty. Challenging exercise is more interesting!


The wiggleboard is like a koi swimming in the water during riding, so the product’s name is wiggleboard.


Reasons for recommendation

1.As an innovative skateboard that can improve children's feeling, wiggleboard can exercise children's balance, easy to learn and master, and make children fall in love with skateboarding.

2.It can drive and slide continuously without stepping on the ground. It can exercise children's upper and lower limbs and waist muscles and improve children's physical fitness.

3.With high appearance and rich playing methods, children are good partners in outdoor sports.

05   Fitness and fun are the same

Children in school physical fitness test always can not get A, poor physical fitness and low immunity, which really annoys parents.

Exercise in play, so that childhood can not only harvest happiness, but also have self-confidence and health.


The wiggleboard is driven by twisting the waist and cross swinging the arms. It can not only exercise the child's sense of balance and limb coordination, but also develop the upper, lower limbs and lumbar muscles.


06   Unlock multiple gameplay

The traditional way of playing sports equipment is single. After buying and using it for a period of time, it will be forgotten in a corner of the home and accompanied by dust. Compared with the boring training of traditional emotional teaching aids, the wiggleboard has a variety of playing methods, which can be used in upright, side standing, squatting and sitting positions, and constantly unlock new playing methods. For children who are naturally creative, they can play new ideas every time.


Children's healthy physical and mental growth is inseparable from the company of their parents. The wiggleboard adds new fun to the parent-child game time and improves the parent-child distance.


High-grade of packaging,the wiggleboard is best choice for personal use or gift.


Good product, good reputation, don't regret!


Scientific use of wiggleboard 1. Wear sports shoes, certified helmets and protective equipment to avoid falling and injury. 2. Children must be accompanied by adult guardians. 3. Please use it on flat ground. Do not use wiggleboard in places with potential safety hazards such as steps, hillsides and steps. Now you only need to pay RMB368.00 to buy a wiggleboard. You can got the professional protective equipment for free when you place an order.