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Wiggleboard Product Profile--The skateboard with a new twist

The Wiggleboard is a new, safe and user-friendly fitness board designed for children aged 6-13 years. The Wiggleboard is not only fun, but it also exercises children's back muscles and improves their

30 minutes to master, high-value balance skateboard makes children easy to show off their skills

You can learn it in 30 minutes. You must choose wiggleboard to get started with skateboarding. Let children love skateboarding!

IDbabi's new sensory integration product is now available!

Since the launch of IDbabi's innovative children's three-wheeled balance board Wiggleboard, the product has been widely acclaimed by domestic and international clients and has won a number of inter...

Congratulations to Wiggleboard for winning the "2020 China Design Red Star Award"!

IDbabi Wiggleboard won the 2020 China Design Red Star Award for its unique appearance and outstanding user experience design from more than 7,000 products from more than 5,000 units worldwide.

Evaluation by Representative of The International Society of Physical Education of Young Children

IDbabi Wiggleboard has been well received by distributors and users at home and abroad since it was launched into the ma...

IDbabi-Wiggleboard - Certificate of the German Red Dot Design Award

Thank you to the German Red Dot Award judges for recognizing our work! Award Wiggleboard with this red dot symbol of outstanding quality and creativity. Winning the Red Dot Product Design Award gave..

Business Invitation--Wiggleboard--the Innovative and Patented Children's Fitness Skateboard

IDbabi is now looking for distributors, agents or sales partners of Wiggleboard! Advantage: Good Product, No Competition, Easy to Sell! High Profits! Easy Post-sale!

Congratulations! Wiggleboard won the 2020 Red Dot Product Design Award.

Congratulations! Wiggleboard won the 2020 Red Dot Product Design Award. Winning this award means that Wiggleboard has gained international recognition, and it is also a great encouragement to us to in

Wiggleboard made its debut at the ISPO, attracted the attention of agents all over the world

On Jan 23-26, 2020, ISPO international sporting goods exhibition was held in Munich, Germany. The founder of IDbabi led a team to present the latest patented product, wiggleboard T1 at the exhibition.
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Introduction and comparison of various non-electric riding/skating sports equipment for children

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