Wiggleboard has a variety of ways to play —— upright twist forward, sitting twist forward, squat sliding,
side vertical riding, double riding... Twist drive sliding, the new way to play more fun! Before riding, read the safety warning and wear helmet protector.

Front Stance
Stand upright. Slightly bend knees and wiggle hips/twist waist from side to side to create forward motion.
Squat on board
(deep squat or knee bend). Twist waist left and right.
Sit cross-legged on Wiggleboard.
Twist back and forth at waist.

Skateboard Stance
Stand with knees bent and feet
apart and angled slightly sideways.
Twist waist/wiggle hips.
The best places to ride the Wiggleboard are on flat (slope less than 5° ), slightly rough paved surfaces such as cement, smooth asphalt, and playing surfaces like outdoor basketball or tennis courts.
How to ride Wiggleboard There are many ways to ride wiggleboard,the four basic riding positions are Font Stance,Squatting,Sitting and Skateboard Stance. Multiple ways to ride Wiggleboard How to control it ? 1. Standing on the board, the rider just twist his waist back and forth, and the wiggleboard will go forward. The faster you wiggle, the quicker you go! 2. Turning is easy. Shifting weight to one side or the other will make it turn left or right. 3. Wiggleboard provides its own resistance and will slowly roll to stop when the rider stops wiggling. It can also brake by sliding one foot horizontally to make the sole of foot rub against the ground.