Wiggleboard shprts——Specially developed for children's balance training
The importance of children's balance exercise to children's physical and mental health
The four basic motor skills of children's enlightenment movement are divided into three parts :
Mobile (mainly lower limbs), balance (keeping body balance and stability),
operation (mainly upper limbs), non mobile (in situ movement)
Balance motor skill is one of the four basic motor skills of children, and it is also the basis of the other three motor skills. Children with good balance can learn any action quickly. As a new type of children's sports equipment, Wiggleboard can stimulate children's vestibular organs, cultivate children's sense of space and balance, enhance the strength of upper and lower limbs, and experience speed, for the training of children's sports foundation, has a very good effect.
As a new set of children's skateboarding course, it can fully and efficiently exercise children's vestibular organs, sensory synthesis, muscle strength and other sports ability through a variety of sports posture, sports methods and sports mode of systematic training. It can be used alone as a new sports training course, or as a reference course for speed racing and figure performance; it can also be used as the basic balance training part of roller skates, balance bike and skateboarding.
Wiggleboard - Course outline
The course also developed a unique training mode, such as speed competition, multi person cooperation and parent-child games, which not only enriched the fun of the course, but also trained children's sense of teamwork, and promoted the parent-child relationship and tacit understanding with parents. We should really put education in fun and let children enjoy the health, sunshine and happiness brought by sports!
Wiggleboard - Play Introduction
Wiggleboard - Parent-child interaction
Wiggleboard - Co-operation
Wiggleboard- Racing
A new type of fitness skateboard —— Wiggleboard
Skateboarding is a popular outdoor sport for young people, but traditional skateboarding is easy to fall down and get hurt. Users need to have a certain sliding technology and good balance foundation, which is not suitable for young children. The Wiggleboard is designed for 4-12-year-old children's balance exercise. It is not easy to fall down , and easy to control. It not only helps to cultivate children's sense of balance and overall coordination, but also helps children feel strength and speed. It also helps to cultivate children's interest in sports and self-confidence!
Wiggleboard as a new kind of children's skateboard products. Its product innovation and functionality has been recognized by many authorities in the field of children's sports, children's early education and children's toy industry. At the same time, as a new type of children's skateboard product, its sales volume and reputation are outstanding at home and abroad.
Wiggleboard- Playing demonstration
Our company adheres to the concept of "good products must have a positive impact and promotion on a certain area of society". Actively explore the "Wiggleboard" for children's sports training, early childhood education, physical fitness training and other areas of teaching and training applications. Strive to develop a new product for Chinese youth physical training!