Wiggleboard Product Profile--The skateboard with a new twist

2020-01-28 12:00 Yuho Chen

The Wiggleboard is a new, safe and user-friendly fitness board designed for children aged 6-13 years. The Wiggleboard is not only fun, but it also exercises children's back muscles and improves their balance and confidence.

Skateboarding is a popular outdoor sport for young people, but traditional skateboarding, which is prone to falls and injuries and requires users to have certain skating skills, is not suitable for younger children. The Wiggleboard brings a new way of playing skateboarding by converting the twisting force into propulsion, allowing the rider to drive the board forward by repeatedly twisting the waist while standing on the board.


Advantages of the Wiggleboard:

1. safe and easy to learn;

2. multiple fun ways to play;

3. exercise the lumbar spine;

4. elegant appearance

Design principle: The product cleverly applies the "caster and bias directional caster technology", converting the twisting force into a new form of driving force to drive the skateboard forward, allowing beginners with no skateboarding skills to easily and safely navigate. Riding without the player's feet touching the ground, the player simply does a repeated twisting motion, transferring the twisting force to the three tilting gimbals, which, together with the body's gravity, allows the board to generate propulsion. The more frequently you twist, the faster you move forward.

Riding the Wiggleboard is like the gesture of a koi swimming in water, hence the name - Wiggleboard.


The Wiggleboard is available in a variety of riding positions and the basic manoeuvres are:

Forward: the rider simply stands on the board and twists the waist from side to side to create the drive to propel the skateboard forward.

Turning: by shifting the body weight to the left, it will turn left and vice versa.

Braking: The Wiggleboard comes with its own resistance, stop wiggling on flat ground and it will quickly stop moving forward.

The IDbabi Wiggleboard is a new three-wheeled skateboard that has won the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020 in Germany and the Red Star Award in China. Its unique play style and appearance will instantly attract the attention of children and parents alike. The design has been refined more than ten times before being finalised. The shape is smooth and elegant, with just the right proportions and no superfluous finishing touches, reflecting the minimalist design concept of less is more. It is designed in a unique three-wheeled structure, which takes into account ergonomics and safety in use. The board is narrow at the front and wide at the back, with a 2° lean forward, providing a clear distinction in appearance from existing products on the market.


As a beginner's board, the Wiggleboard not only has the fun and versatility of a regular skateboard, it also exercises your child's back muscles and spine and boosts self-confidence, making it a kids' fitness board that combines fun and exercise!


Playing Wiggleboard is also a new way of getting fit for youngsters and adults. Subliminal strengthening of the lumbar and abdominal muscles during the process of riding for recreation.

It improves the flexibility of the lumbar vertebrae and hip joints, relaxes the lumbar muscles, opens up the meridians and facilitates the body's fitness.

产品细节 裁剪.jpg

The Wiggleboard has been designed from the outset to be environmentally friendly, with a clever and simple construction consisting of just one board and 3 bias gimbaled wheel sets, with fewer manufacturing consumables and more robust and durable than similar children's scooters. The board is made from injection moulded ABS environmentally friendly plastic model AG15E1, which can withstand a weight of 100kg and a 2m drop crash test. The wheel frame is made of ADC12 aluminium alloy, PU wheels, professional sports bearings and other accessories, which meet the GB-6675 national quality standard and also passed the US CPSIA and European RoSH tests, proving that it meets international safety and environmental quality requirements and can be used for a long time without being easily damaged.

This fitness skateboard designed for children aged 6-13 years old fills a gap in the market and the product has been recognised by mothers and fathers for its safety and entertainment.


After a year of research, development and testing, 260 prototypes were sent out in two stages to children at primary school level to try out the product before it was officially launched, and were well received by children around the world.

The first time the children tried it out, they picked it up naturally, without injury or fear. All the children who played with the Wiggleboard never forgot it and loved it.


Give every child the chance to have a fun, safe childhood skateboard!